Our Platform: Deep Discovery

G3T is Rejuvenating Drug Development

The current drug development process is no longer sustainable

It is too risky, too long and too expensive

Currently, hypothesis-driven approaches advance drugs through Phase I-III clinical studies, only looking to definitively prove human efficacy upon reaching Phase II or Phase III. By this time, millions, or perhaps billions of dollars, will have been spent.

G3T turns this on its head, establishing evidence of human efficacy based on human genomics before starting in-vitro studies.
Human efficacy

G3T de-risks drug development by turning the process on its head

G3netic target validation doubles the chances of a successful clinical launch

The “Central Dogma” of biology, referring to the two-step process of transcription and translation by which the information in genes flows into proteins, is usually considered a linear process.

At G3T, we extend the linear model of the “Central Dogma” to a network-based interaction model. We believe that the connection between genetic variants in the DNA and the disease phenotype is mediated by a network of intermediate molecules, such as RNA’s, proteins and small molecules, including metabolites and lipid species.

Network approach
Target validation

A panomic approach to health and disease

The human “panome” encompasses ALL molecules in the body:

  • ~25,000 genes; ~3 billion letters of genetic code (DNA)
  • ~100,000 transcripts and ~25,000 genes after transcription (RNA)
  • ~20,000 proteins in the human proteome
  • Thousand of metabolites, lipid species and other small molecules

By measuring ALL of these molecules simultaneously and combining the information with quantitative phenotype traits, we can gain a deep, novel understanding of biology.

Accordingly, the G3T approach has 3 fundamental pillars:
Pillar 1: Deep, quantitative phenotyping

Measure EVERY aspect of the phenotypes of interest.

Pillar 2: Deep panomic molecular profiling

Measure EVERY possible molecule in this molecular milieu.

Pillar 3: Deep learning

Take EVERY panomic and molecular datapoint as above and generate scientific insights using an unbiased, hypothesis-free approach.

G3T’s approach is based on proprietary, panomic biological big data

Our GLOBAL clinical study has collected one of the most comprehensive panomic datasets currently available

  • The GLOBAL Clinical Study (“Genetic Loci and the Burden of Atherosclerotic Lesions”) (NCT01738828) was designed, sponsored and executed by G3T
  • The study was prospectively designed based on the American Heart Association Guidelines and institute of Medicine Guidelines
  • This was a large, international, prospective, multi-center clinical study
Global clinical study