About Us

Who we are

G3T is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel therapeutic approaches for serious diseases that cause significant individual suffering and societal burden.

We are an innovative biopharmaceutical company, trailblazing the use of deep, panomic biological big data for drug discovery and development.

We are developing revelationary therapeutics enabled by our own, prospectively collected, deep biological big data, analyzed through visionary machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) approaches.

There are genomics companies, epigenetics companies, transciptomics companies, proteomics companies, imaging companies, and AI/ML companies... G3T combines expertise from all of these disciplines to provide a unique solution. 

What we do

We rejuvenate drug discovery by combining highly quantitative, deep phenotyping data from humans with a comprehensive, panomic molecular profiling approach, using unbiased, hypothesis-free bioinformatics and AI tools to unravel novel biology and translate it into breakthrough new therapies. We anchor our novel therapeutics in human genetic target validation.

Genetic target validation increases the odds of a successful launch by a factor of five.

Management Team

Szilard Voros Szilard Voros
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Szilard Voros

Szilard Voros

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Dr. Szilard Voros, MD, FACC, FSCCT, FAHA is a cardiologist, geneticist and serial entrepreneur. He is Founder and CEO of Global Genomics Group (“G3”), a precision-medicine-based biotechnology company, developing and commercializing novel drugs, nutraceuticals and blood-based biomarkers for common, chronic diseases, as well as for prevention, wellness and healthy longevity. G3’s deep discovery platform is predicated on deep phenotyping, deep molecular profiling and deep learning. G3 has developed and patented a diagnostic blood test for cardiovascular disease and has identified and is developing several novel drug targets. Before G3, Voros was Chief Scientific Officer, Chief of Cardiovascular Prevention and Medical Director of Cardiovascular Imaging at Piedmont Heart Institute, where he utilized a combination of non-invasive imaging, blood-based biomarkers and genomics for cardiovascular prevention and wellness. Voros was also a critical participant in the discovery, validation, development and commercialization of a blood-based gene expression test for cardiovascular disease called “CorusCAD”, which was featured as #7 on Time Magazine’s “Top Ten of Everything” in 2010. Voros has published extensively in major scientific journals including Nature Reviews, New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of the American College of Cardiology and Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics, etc.

Brad Brown Brad Brown
Chief Operating Officer & Founder
Brad Brown

Brad Brown

Chief Operating Officer & Founder

Bradley Brown is a life sciences executive with extensive experience across the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Brad has over 20 years of experience in corporate operations and clinical research, with an emphasis on strategic development and the execution of multinational clinical programs.  Brad has been responsible for the execution of G3 Therapeutics’ clinical programs, including its flagship “GLOBAL” clinical study, cumulatively enrolling nearly 10,000 patients across all programs. Brad plays a central role integrating clinical programs into the company’s strategic and tactical roadmap. Prior to co-founding G3, Bradley was instrumental in the development and execution of numerous clinical studies for the advancement of emerging new medical devices and novel technologies that have addressed unmet clinical needs within interventional cardiology, peripheral vascular, structural heart and cardiovascular diagnostics.  Bradley has held leadership positions for Keystone Heart, Novate Medical, CardioDx, Ostial Corporation and Abbott Vascular.  He has co-authored several scientific publications in advanced cardiovascular imaging, genetics, and metabolomics. Bradley holds a BS in Exercise Science from the University of New England, a MS in Cardiac Rehabilitation & Exercise Science from East Stroudsburg University, and a MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Chip Davis Chip Davis
Chief Drug Development Officer
Chip Davis

Chip Davis

Chief Drug Development Officer

Dr. Davis has has spent over 30 years in drug discovery and development. Most recently, he was distinguished research fellow in the Cardiovascular/Atherosclerosis research group at Merck Research Laboratories. Dr. Davis and his team discovered ezetimibe, a first-in-class cholesterol lowering drug, which subsequently has been shown to not only lower cholesterol, but also to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Commercialized under the brand names “Zetia”, “Ezetrol” and “Vytorin” around the world, ezetimibe has become a blockbuster drug and plays a key role as an adjuvant therapy added to statins.  In 2006, Dr. Davis received the Discoverer’s Award, the highest scientific honor in the pharmaceutical industry.


Roger S. Newton, PhD. – Discovered Lipitor; Founder and Previous CEO and Chairman of Esperion Therapeutics

Roger S. Newton, PhD.

Roger is one of the most distinguished drug developers of all times. Roger was the founder of Esperion Therapeutics, and served as Executive Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the company, which was formed after he acquired the original Esperion’s intellectual property from Pfizer for a 4.5% equity interest in Esperion Therapeutics. Roger was co-founder, President & CEO of the original Esperion prior to selling it to Pfizer for $1.3B USD. Roger discovered and developed Lipitor®, the best-selling drug of all time, while at Parke-Davis, which was later acquired by Warner-Lambert, and subsequently acquired by Pfizer.

Michael Davidson, MD. – Founder and CSO of Corvidia Therapeutics; Formerly Founder and CMO of Omthera Therapeutics

Michael Davidson, MD.

Founder and CSO of Corvidia Therapeutics; Formerly Founder and CMO of Omthera Therapeutics.

Mario Alberto Accardi, PhD. – Co-Founder and CEO; Orexia and Inexia Therapeutics

Mario Alberto Accardi, PhD.

Mario is CEO and Co-Founder Orexia and Inexia, two biotech companies backed by venture capital investor Medicxi, developing treatments for CNS disorders including narcolepsy. He is also founder and inventor behind Orthonika, a medtech spin-out from Imperial College.

Previously he was a Venture Partner at Fort Rock Capital where he was responsible for the life sciences investment practice. He led investments and has been an active board member in a number of therapeutics, medical devices and digital health companies including Vasopharm GmbH, GNS Healthcare and various early stage seed projects.

Prior to that he was with Entrepreneurs Fund, a pan-European venture fund, where he supported multiple transactions including Prosonix’s sale to Circassia and Optinose (IPO on Nasdaq). Mario holds a Postgraduate in Genomic Medicine, a PhD in Biomedical Engineering where his research focused on the aetiology of osteoarthritis, and a First Class MEng degree in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering all from Imperial College London.

Aruna Bansal, PhD. – Founder of Acclarogen, Ltd.

Aruna Bansal, PhD.

Aruna has over 20 years’ post-doctoral experience in biostatistics, specialising in big data analytics. She was an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, and Director of Biostatistics at GlaxoSmithKline (UK), before setting up her consultancy business, Acclarogen, in 2009.  Acclarogen now enjoys a high profile, global reputation, and is continually in demand across the spectrum of academia, biotech and pharma.  Aruna takes pride in communicating statistics in a clear, acessible way.

Michael R. Barnes, PhD. – Professor of Bioinformatics, Director, the Centre for Translational Bioinformatics, William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Michael R. Barnes, PhD.

Professor of Bioinformatics, Director, the Centre for Translational Bioinformatics, William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London.

Co-Investigator, Health Data Research-UK London site; Research Fellow, Alan Turing Institute.

Michael leads The Centre for Translational Bioinformatics (C4TB), at Queen Mary University of London. His team work across diverse research areas, including genomics, drug discovery, stratified medicine, machine learning and health informatics with a unified objective to drive forward translation into the clinic. He brings an industrial perspective to the C4TB, drawn from 16 years of leadership of bioinformatics teams in the pharmaceutical industry.  Michael is a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute and an HDR-UK Investigator, and co-leads the Genomics England Stratified medicine genomic interpretation clinical partnership. He has an active portfolio of stratified medicine projects as a co-investigator and data integration lead on several MRC projects, including MRC PSORT (Psoriasis), MRC RA-Map (RA), MRC MATURA (RA) and CLUSTER (Juvenile Arthritis). He serves on the MRC Methodology Research Panel and also advises on a number of project boards, including the UnitedHealth Group Pharmacogenetics advisory group, the Dutch Heart Foundation, the MRC-eMedLab HPC Cloud facility, the IMI etriks project and the F1000 faculty.